6 days away…

So I kind of screwed the pooch on filling in on the second half of the Pearl Jam practice run. I finished it stronger than I started it, and I now know I’m ready for this thing.

So much has happened since I came back to Cincinnati though! I sold the Subaru yesterday, which is such a relief. It wasn’t in very good condition, was ten years old with 165,000 miles, and for whatever reason I was very concerned about it selling, especially considering the money for it is a substantial part of my budget for crossing the country. I loved that car, but I felt cleansed when it went away from me on a flatbead with the title signed over to someone else. I’m carless and free now. I’ve never been more ready to start the ride. Next Tuesday night can’t come soon enough.

I’m posting this now from Yellow Springs, my oft-visited touring destination. I’m on my last overnight in Ohio before leaving with a dear friend. We’ve talked about doing this jaunt for a couple years and finally made it work for our schedules. It’s 45 degrees outside in MAY, but that’s Ohio weather for you. We got rained on a bit on the Little Miami Scenic Trail coming up, but it didn’t stop us much other than stopping to put on rain gear. We set up camp in John Bryan and came in to town for pizza and a stop at Yellow Springs Brewery, which is on point. He’s finishing grades (as college adjuncts do when given a mere 48 hours to turn in final grades) and I’m writing this. Good times are soon to come though when he finishes up, even if we can’t find a place in town to snag some firewood. It’ll be a cold night but I need to get used to it. I couldn’t help but think I’ll have plenty of chilly nights in the Rockies. God I can’t wait to get out there!


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