Day 0: A day on the train

I’m in the home stretch. The train is about to pull into Trenton, NJ, and Manhattan isn’t far off. I’m a bit anxious about getting the loaded bike across the river to Jersey City, where I’ll be staying tonight with a bicycle tourist I met online. But more on that later. Hell I’m even nervous to get out of Penn Station. But it’ll all work out. 

I’m awfully tired. 4 hours of sleep in two days ain’t good. Being on the train all day has been a joy, but after 18 hours I’m a little worn down from it. It’s safe to say I’m ready to get off. The scenery was gorgeous in parts of West Viginia especially, and it’s been nice to kind of just tune out and ease my mind into what’s ahead of me the best I can, but good god I’m ready to get on the bike and to a bed. I have to rest up before I dip the wheel tomorrow in Brighton Beach and take on the Manhattan greenway. 

But, a couple scenes from the window – 

Looking at them now, they look banal and boring. But for the most part I found it peaceful. I wish I could have seen more of DC, Baltimore, and Philly as I rode north the New York, but it’s dark and I’m a bit fried. Tomorrow is a big day! I start this cross-country ride tomorrow. That’s exciting to think about.

But right now I just need to stay focused on getting to the house in Jersey City safely and smoothly. 


4 thoughts on “Day 0: A day on the train

  1. Hi Jeff! I’m definitely gonna be following your blog. The photos aren’t boring at all (I especially like the first one), but it is to say I love train travel in all its forms. I must admit that I’m (more than just a little bit) envious and I’m looking forward to the entries to come. Have a safe trip!


  2. Hey bud, I can’t believe I missed out on this blog. I didn’t know where to begin so I think I’ll go to the Portland story first. However, my first question relates to another fascination of yours: photography (the most mispronounced word in English by non-native speakers). What kind of camera(s) did you take with you? Knowing you, I bet it’s not just your smart phone.


    1. Don’t worry! I’ve had it up for a while without telling anyone. I just wanted to get used to writing before I announced it.

      All the pictures you see were taken with an iPhone 6s. I also have a mirrorless digital camera and a Sony action cam for video. I actually got rid of all my cameras but these, just like everything else. Bicycle hobo, baby.


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