Days 64-66, take 1: Technical difficulties in the Rockies (aka Jeff goes bicycle Don Draper)

I would love to tell you about leaving Breckenridge, the amazing people I met, the 30mph winds that robbed me of my speedy descent, my unexpected early days with stops in Heeney with no cell service to Hot Sulpher Springs, where I am now. But unfortunately there’s a problem – I can’t upload any more pictures with my wordpress account the way that it is. I’m trying to upgrade to “premium” so I can keep telling my story but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it with an established free WordPress account (if you know, and can figure out how to do it by phone, let me know!). 

I am in Hot Sulpher Springs now – it was only 25-30 miles to here yesterday, and it’s the last real stop before I climb the Continental Divide again. Hopping in these springs yesterday made me feel a level of relaxation I haven’t felt since Cincinnati. I have a free camping spot in the park, so I stayed today. And I’m going to stay tomorrow. I feel like Mad Men’s Don Draper whenever he took a misguided trip to The desert in the show, just zoning out and relaxing. I never thought milky black spring water heavy with magnesium would feel this incredible, but it does. There’s supposed to be a disc golf course around here somewhere, I’ll probably check that out tomorrow.

Until I get the website figured out I’m not going to post a lot. I don’t have too much of an interest in keeping up the blog without pictures. Hopefully it’ll all be well sooner rather than later.

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