I’m Jeff. Lone gunman without the gun, two-wheeled road warrior.


I’m a lapsed geographer, semi-lapsed bicycle mechanic, latent Deadhead, self-styled bicycle tourist who wants to share his ride with whoever wants to read about it.

I rode my bicycle across the USA on an open-ended tour from Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, NY to Sunset Beach just west of Astoria, OR. The birthplace of Gogol Bordello to the town the Goonies saved. This blog is dedicated to documenting my experiences and thoughts from the road, as well as anything pertaining to the ride before and after I do it. I’m sure I’ll go out for another long haul adventure, and when I do, I’ll cover that here too.

Well, I had a route planned. I kind of went for the “wherever you go, there you are” mindset with that endeavor, though. So in that light I rode my bike on the same planet as you, trying to see as much of it as I could from my bicycle. Most recently it was the US, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. But when it comes to touring I dream big, and even then, the sky’s the limit. One dream at a time though.

I bought a one-way train ticket to New York and arrived late in the evening on May 11, 2016. I dipped my wheel in the Pacific at Sunset Beach August 19, making for a 100-day tour.

I mean… are you kidding? Why WOULDN’T I do this??

Oh, the multitude of reasons why… the Mallorian “because it’s there” applies. Because I can’t remember the last time in my life I felt more compelled to take on something big. Because nothing gives me more satisfaction than riding my bicycle, except maybe riding it somewhere I’ve never been before. Because I wanted to do something incredible.

Having completed the tour I’m not sure the whys are all that important. I just knew I had to do it with everything in me.

On my bike, listening to really good music, trying to stay mindful and in the present, and cranking out one pedal stroke after another.