6 days away…

So I kind of screwed the pooch on filling in on the second half of the Pearl Jam practice run. I finished it stronger than I started it, and I now know I’m ready for this thing. So much has happened since I came back to Cincinnati though! I sold the Subaru yesterday, which is […]

30 days to go!

So it’s been bit since I last checked in, but the 30-day mark till I head east to begin this thing feels like a benchmark worth a blog post. I haven’t really felt the need to say anything since hammering out my rough plan for the tour, but I’ve still been getting ready to go. […]

Getting from A to B

If you read my last post then you know I have the touring bug and have some experience figuring out how to travel by bike. But a cross-country tour is a whole different animal. There are a multitude of variables to consider, and while I have no delusions of having all the answers, I’ve traveled […]

My touring so far

In mid-September I managed to get two days off in a row, a rare and wonderful thing when you work retail. I had spent a considerable amount of time in the saddle by this point and decided it was time for my first bike overnight – a two-day trip in which one loads down a […]

The making of a bicycle tourist

Bicycle touring first presented itself to me in October 2013 during a month spent in Portland, OR, learning how to fix bikes. As someone with a lifelong obsession with all things bike as well as travel, I don’t know why I never knew about it before. Regardless, It was in Velo Cult, having a beer […]