Part of the reason I want to keep this blog of my ride is to keep in touch with friends old and new and to meet new people along the road, so please don’t be afraid to drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you especially if I don’t know you! I promise to respond to anyone that writes. My email is Here’s a link if you’re fancy that way. I don’t do the twitters, the snapchats, the instagrams, or the whosie whatsits. I have my reasons.

If you want a texting buddy from the road, I’m all for it. Email me your number and I’ll hit you up. I’m not crazy about putting my number on this page. Sorry for the extra step…

It seems people these days are averse to talking on the phone. Well, I’m not in the slightest. The road is an incredible place to be, but riding it alone has made me cherish the phone conversations I have with friends. You should have one with me! Let’s talk! You’ll get the stories straight from the tourist’s mouth, as it were.

Also! I am an enormous fan of sending postcards and find it to be a ridiculously unappreciated form of communication. If you would like to get one from the road, by all means, give me the address you would like me to send to and I’ll get on it. I’m at my most playful when it comes to my postcards, so if the idea of a little 5×7 absurdism in your mailbox is a good one to you, get at me.