And now for the digital hat in hand.

I have gotten several generous offers to send me care packages while I’m riding out here. The support is heartwarming and helps me keep going when things get hard. But the thing is, touring isn’t like hiking the Appalachian Trail or something where I would need packages waiting for me in remote places. I pass stores that will have everything I could need all day long. I have all the clothes I need, I have all the gear I need. If anything I have too much stuff on the bike.

But what I’m constantly needing more of is food… which costs money. I burn thousands of calories a day, and I’m always hungry. I’ve had to spend more on food so far than I would have liked, and I’m well beyond my very tight budget as a result. Additionally I’ve had to spend much more than expected on gear trouble; I’ve had to spend over $100 on iPhone charging cables alone, not to mention replacing a stolen helmet, repairing broken equipment, and hotel rooms in places where I can’t camp (or at least feel very, very uneasy doing so). I started this adventure in large part because I lost my job, and even then, it’s not like I was ever making the big bucks. Money is a constant concern for me out on the road, and I’m already thinking I’ll have to stop and find work along my way to the Pacific to cover costs, even though I’m not sure how yet.

So, hence this page. If you’re inclined to give, I’m inclined to receive. It’s completely up to you how much you give. If you want to buy me a cup of coffee, click here to throw in a dollar. Breakfast? a few bucks more than that. A hotel room for the night? I won’t say no to it. I also wouldn’t blame you if you were reading this and shaking your head at me. But, I’m all alone out here and figured why not.

So if you’re feeling charitable and have enjoyed my ride, I would be most humbled to take any help you give. The money would only be going towards food, shelter, and possibly a postcard or two. Thanks for your time.